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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mooshi Bakes Brasserie

Past by Mooshi Bakes Brasserie along Katong Road after we went to Zaffron Kitchen; it is part of Awfully Chocolate venture to brasserie and it shared one building with the chocolate shop.

We stopped by to have our lunch here and intrigued to see how the bakery and brasserie are.

The brasserie is identical to Awfully Chocolate concept, it's simple, dominated by white then black, with concrete flooring. There were 2 entrance, one from the bakery side which facing the 112 Katong Mall and the other one on the side road from Joo Chiat Road.

The food was okay, nothing extraordinary; waiting staff were courteous but a bit inexperienced.

I did wonder with such a large seating area seeing how empty it was when I came for lunch, but strangely, around 2 pm, the crowd came in. Well, perhaps they came for tea breaks.

We did buy the pastries, it styled like Japanese bakery with its soft buns and fusion fillings.

For the cakes, I found it tad too sweet when I had the Banana Cream Pie.

Not really the place for me for a meal....

The menu

Such simplicity and bareness

View from bakery entrance

It is next to Awfully Chocolate counter

View for entrance from Joo Chiat Road

The kitchen counter

Our House Special Iced Honey Lime Green Tea, a bit strange to my taste even though I love Green Tea and Lime, separately

The Truffle Oil Scramble Eggs, tasty eggs and nice ciabatta

The really big breakfast, I found the sausages were way too saltish, the sauteed mushroom sprinkle with cheese made it also saltish and the handmade sour dough was way too big and too hard, preferred the ciabatta

The Banana Cream Pie, first scoop was tasty but going to second onwards, it started to feel the sweetness...

Mooshi Bakes Brasserie
131 East Coast Road
S 428816

Tel: +65 6347 7604

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