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Sunday, October 21, 2012

&Made by Bruno Menard

First read about &Made few months back, it was quite a publicity, saying that 3 star Michelin chef opened a casual burger restaurant in Singapore. Quite  a different take from a French chef who closed its restaurant in Tokyo before moving here.

So, finally, made a time to have our lunch here even though am not a Burger fans.

What struck me the most was the interior decor, it is definitely a good concept and being executed right to every details. Love how vibrant it is based on 3 colours of black, white and red, attributed also with colourful fonts adorning the wall, it seemed the investor really tried its best of winning the chef heart to do this restaurant. 

Waiting staff were great and attentive, they did show us the drink menu which on the flip and reminded me there was no need to order the side dish of fries as it also served together with the burger I ordered. Good point indeed! 

Food also served promptly and plates being cleared right away after seeing we were done. I pleasantly surprised on their good service.

It was not packed when we came with some table occupied by big family. 

Food wise, yes, it is something different and freshly made and served. But maybe as I am not a fans of Burger, I still found not liking it so much, the 3 Little Pigs was huge. The new generation of sandwich using french buckwheat crepe was something new to try but it was not so fantastic, okay but not that great.

Somehow I felt if only they opened &Made around Orchard Road vicinity or somewhere where it is more visible from main road, it would win more crowd.

A good restaurant for burger lover and different alternative along Orchard - Scotts Road area.

View to &Made

Our paper placemat works as Menu too

Drinks Menu is on the Flip 

View to kitchen counter

Simple chair and table arrangement

I do like the wall display

A carefully planned interior design; cheerful, young, vibrant with ever lasting colour scheme. I also admired the wooden stool carved with BM initial for the waiting crowd. Cute lighting too...

Another great idea for hanging the mags and adorning the wall with the cheerfulness vibe

It went up to the ceiling

This is a different take of Salad, Salad to Drink, we had the Tomato Gaspacho with snacks to go along. The snacks were like bread with hints of saltiness

The Chilli Crab Toastoo; a so called New Generation of Sandwich made with French Buckwheat Crepe, served with Fresh Light Salad

Strawberry Smoothies, it's definitely thicker than others but more delicious as they added the Strawberry syrup

The &Made Limonado (?). it has a mixed of something else beside the limes..could not put my finger on it

My 3 Little Pigs Burger, served with Fries and &Made BBQ Sauce, I thought the sauce tasted more like Sambal Belachan Spore style..hhmmm

Nice presentation though, I liked how they used wooden tray with black chalkboard-like as the base

Bacon, pork fillet & chorizo patty, shitake mushrooms, Japanese cabbage, 
Shibazuke pickles, yuzu-kosho mayonnaise. I always confuse how to eat such a thick and huge burgers, when you tried to cut it, it definitely made a bit of mess; taste wise, it's more to saltish side but you can tell it's a freshly made

Didn't know they got an alfresco area facing the Shaw Centre..It's quite a big seating for this chic restaurant ...

By Bruno Menard
#01-04 to 05, Pacific Plaza
9 Scotts Road
S 228210
Tel: +65 6732 9808

Opens Sun to Thu from 10 am to 10 pm
Opens Fri to Sat from 10 am to Midnight
No reservation

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