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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Real Food @ Central

Who would've guessed there is such a chic scandinavian inspired cafe on the basement area of Central Mall (along Clarke Quay), not me for sure!

And not only that, what made me fell in luv more with this cafe is the motto behind it, they only serve Organic Vegetarian Food!!! I just wanted to say, OMG!!!

Not only as restaurant, they also sell some Organic produce, tea, juice, grains, etc, etc...Again, double OMG!!! Luv it!!!

A bit confusing if you were a first timer to this cafe; let me tell ya'. Just sit anywhere you like if you are dining in, grab the menu from the counter next to drinking counter area, browse thru the menu and then went to the cashier counter. No payment required, just make payment after you finish your meals. Such a relax atmosphere, for sure!

Grab some of the magazine on the magazine shelf while waiting for your meals, it seems you could also purchase these magazine but again, it tries to impose self discipline and consideration for others, they have a basket for returned mags or books. The books mostly around healthy living and in English and Mandarin.

Don't underestimate this Organic Veggie Cafe Menu, it's so extensive and so complete, either you wanna pasta, soup, rice, noodles, pizza, pancakes, sandwiches, etc and the drinks also commendable, combination of juices with add-on of Chai Seeds or Flaxseed Oil...amazing!

However, they were short-handed of staff and the service standard was a bit hit and miss. I noticed, they were supposed to give you a pretty basket with polka-dots linen on your table filled with your cutleries, but for ours, it just served on plates. Then, you can't call them for assistance from your table, it's more to you have to approach the counter for simple thing.

But, I am willing to overlook this since this cafe is really a worth a visit; the foods were superb, never thot it would be this delicious for vegetarian dishes, and not only its organic, it also sustainable.

And not too mention, the cool vibe of Scandinavian design and those organic products you could purchase.

If you wish to try Vegetarian Food or thinking restaurant for treating your Vegetarian Friend/Family, I'd highly recommend visiting Real Food, either at Central or at their newer outlet, at Killiney Road with bigger space.

This blue sofa with timber legs and that grey blue cross cushion, immediately gave you Scandinavian feel

I thot this was a cute and good idea to make use of this corner space

The creative 'paper chandelier', it was decorated with handwritten paper forming this cluster of shades, and a handful of hanging bulbs near the entrance

Cashier counter

A long table in front of the cashier counter

This definitely your Scandinavian design lamp

The end corner, full of books with freezer to store some of the produce, it such a cool space for your small group gathering, as if you got a private space

The Organic Veggie, Free Range Eggs, etc

A rack full of organic products

The cushion next to my seat
I do like how they played with spotlights on this area

Facing the counter

The Menu, The Fresh Juices selection and 
About Real Food

The Green Chips, so curious when seeing this on the menu. It was fried veggie/leaves sprinkled with sesame...Hhhmmm, if you don't like your veggie, am sure you would luv this

My Spicy Mushroom Aglio Olio Pasta, I didn't see the chili cuts but it was spicy indeed

The spinach pasta with feta cheese with tomato sauce. Never imagined this combo

Luv these Teas, and it worked!

Real Food
Cafe, Grocer, Books
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central #B1-52/53
Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 62244492


Opens from Mon to Sun from 10 am to 9.30 pm
(Last Order 9pm)

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