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Monday, August 13, 2012

Canele Pâtisserie @ Raffles City

Ah, Canele Patisserie, it was one of my comfort food restaurant at Orchard Road, used to go to their Shaw outlet. I like how Le Amis group made this Frenchie small restaurant very appealing to patrons.

It has been a while and at first look on their menu, I again forgot that they had revamped their menu, I would be surprised if they didn't have their Crab Spaghetti. It was the one dish that attracted me to return to Canele, either its cooked in tomato sauce or aglio olio, which my fave.

This time we went to Raffles City outlet, located in the basement area, in midst of all the foodie cluster. It was spacious and at lunch time, it only occupied half area instead of whole floor.

Canele has outstanding decor here, its distinctive fuschia pink adorns the ceiling, wall and sofa complete with its baroque style chairs. We were seated next to the big flower bouquet with small boxes of gifts tied on its branches.

This time, I ventured out of my crab aglio olio spaghetti, tried the classic Bolognese, it was good but I promised myself to order the crab spaghetti if I return for next visit, as it is Canele speciality.

Canele emphasizes on its cakes and macaroons (being French, da!) and I would said it is one of the best restaurants to have your cakes.

Not only spaghetti, they do serve pizza, sandwich and crepes, which all looked very appetising indeed.

Waiting staff were okay but I'd say a bit aloof. A big minus point for me was when they put down the Ice Mocha drink on top of the paper coaster too hard making some spill, they even didn't bother to clean it up or replaced the coaster...And I didn't bother to voice out either..thinking of not coming back to this outlet.

Next time, if you are feeling of having western/spaghetti dish in Orchard Road vicinity, Canele is one of the best options, and having your pretty delicious cakes, doesn't hurt either. I still prefer my Shaw outlet, with more professional waiting staff instead of this outlet.

The pretty pink box
Luv the fuschia pink ceiling
Pretty black and white box on display

View from main entrance


Simple classy menu 

I do like their menu separators 

My Apple Surprise, the fresh juice of red and green apple, refreshing take of apple juice 
The famous crab meat spaghetti with tomato sauce, it has generous bits of crab meats
The classic Bolognese, its creamy spaghetti with poached egg cooked to perfection
The Classic Au Fromage, the cheese vanilla cake, simple and tasty
But you saw the streaks on the table/coaster...what a disappointment

Array of cookies with its pretty boxes near the entrance
Was this representation of Marie Antoinette dress cake? 
Next to black purple table chandelier, how befitting
Canele also offers its moon cakes version

Canele Patisserie
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre 
Tel: +65-63347377

Opens daily from 11 am to 10 pm

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