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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Raindrops Cafe

Read about this cafe from another blog about cafe in Orchard, location is not as exposed like other cafes, as it is located behind Orchard Cineleisure.

It is quite secluded and perhaps known to those who frequenting the bazaar and *Scape area.

Thought I needed to make reservation for Sat lunch time but turned out, it was empty.
And the indoor space was smaller than expected, they do have alfresco seating area.

Most eye-catching when you entered would be their hanging bulbs, simple idea but gave a modern eclectic impression.

The menu quite a variety with some combination that we seldom see at similar establishments.

The cooking was okay, definitely a level up than other self-confessed cafes, service was okay too considering only one waiting staff and a cook at that time.

It's a good place to stop by if you happen to be in this area and got nowhere to go for your meal, but not a destination to try out its meal or enjoying its surrounding.

The hanging bulbs

Only 2 rows of seating, the other side of timber sets and to this side is sofa seating

The wooden folder menu

Truffle fries, okay but you could smell the oil

Squid Ink Pasta with prawn and scallop, a good pasta

Fish and chips, the battered fish was too crisp

The dessert, wanted to order other item but not available so we tried this Caramelized Apple with Puff Pastries and Berries

Our Mocktails, it was refreshing cool drinks

Raindrops Cafe
2 Orchard Link 
*Scape #02-38
S 237978

Opens Daily from 11 am to 1 am

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