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Monday, June 4, 2012

Antoinette @ Mandarin Gallery

Wanted to visit Antoinette for quite a while at Mandarin Gallery as first outlet at Penhas Road, I felt as not so accessible. Few times passing by, the queue was long and I don't think it was like fast food outlet where 'finished and left' kind a thing at Antoinette.

So, we got a chance on one Sunday evening before dinner time, again, the queue was there but wasn't long as peak hours.

Seats by the window were all for 2 diners, a good arrangement. It wasn't a big space and as it was modelled as french style, the armchair and table definitely took a bit of space.

The menu as usual, around pasta, crepes, sandwich, pancakes, even has All-Day Brekkie; if you've been to Canele, you'd found the similarities. Not surprising, considering Chef Pang was an ex Executive Chef from Canele.

For main course, I ordered the Crab Suzette, spaghettini in alio olio style with crab meat, white wine, chilli and basil. It was a good pasta but I felt slightly oily to my liking.

Service was a bit let down, not attentive enough and not that friendly either, especially the one at pastry counter. 

I was expecting a full array of cakes as it is Chef Pang's speciality but only saw few options, in the end, decided on Strawberry shortcake. The strawberries were fresh and the cream was just right, not too creamy and in right proportion.

I wonder how long those in queue would wait as I noticed most of patrons were taking leisurely time and if in big group, it would had longer chat. Especially with Antoinette's atmosphere where taking tea and cakes are supposed to be done leisurely.

Not really in my interest to return was okay but long queue for having meals here, definitely a No No for me.

Finally, managed to get a table here..long queue forever and ever...
View to the entrance, by the window seating..luv the armchair
Faux fireplace to complete the room look
French atmosphere indeed
My Jasmine Green Tea, so dainty and pretty...
The Crab Suzette, it was definitely similar to Canele with slight difference on cherry tomatoes add-on.
The strawberry shortcake, fresh strawberries!

Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery,
Singapore 238897
Tel: +65- 68369527

Opens daily from 11 am to 10 pm
No  reservations at this outlet.

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