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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Le Jules Verne @ Eiffel Tower

The moment I read there is a restaurant on Eiffel Tower, I adamant to visit it for the dining experience, yes, it's considered a fine dining but it was worth every cents.

The experience to be on the restaurant inside Eiffel Tower and looking out from its window to Paris was magnificent and the fantastic food was a great bonus.

We went with high anticipation and looked around for the entrance, it was located at the Southern Pillar, near the snack stalls.

Reservation is a must if you are going to Le Jules Verne, it sure bet to be full most of the time.

We went up the private elevator, a small elevator up to 57m above ground, passing through the iconic structure, it was quite an experience and especially the slanting position of the elevator, first time experiencing this.

It opened up to a small corridor where we deposited our coats and given a ticket, shown to our table which next to the first table on the window, I guessed someone booked earlier than me..

It was not a big space, perhaps only 20 tables, intimate and exclusive atmosphere. The waiting staff were very suit up and professional.

I was in awe with the decorative cover plates on the table, it was like an architecture form; once you were seated, they took away the cover plate.

We ordered the lunch set of 4 courses dining; being famous of  its being sophisticated, this Paris fine restaurant even has the menu down to its consideration. For ladies, your menu won't show the price but the gentleman will have the menu with pricing. So gentlemanly, isn' it?

Each courses came so spectacular in presentation, so Parisian;  a bit buttery as all dishes have butter in it; if you are not used to it, it may make you a bit gagging by the end of the course. Enjoyed with a glass of Paris red wine...

If you dine here, you could go down to the observation deck for free then just returned to the restaurant door by pressing the bell, they would open the door.

From there, take the private lift again to go down to the ground.

It was such an unforgettable dining experience, visiting Eiffel Tower and experiencing a dining experience inside it overlooking Paris, then going around the observation deck, it worth every dime!

I definitely recommend you to visit it if you are in Paris, I know I would next time am in Paris...

Au revoir!

The gorgeous Eiffel beautiful

The door shade to Le Jules Verne

The lighted simple yet sophisticated

View to the gorgeous view, notice that beautiful cover plate?

The unique window shapes

Our 4-course dining

End of our dining course

Our cloak ticket

The door from/to restaurant going to observation deck

Exterior view of the restaurant, magnificent feat to build a restaurant here

The elevator wheel

View on observation deck

View from observation deck...gorgeous view

This is a very unique elevator sign, it only showed the red light as the elevator position going up or down from the clever...

Le Jules Verne
Tour Eiffel
Avenue Gustave Eiffel
75077 Paris
+33-145 556144

Private elevator from Southern Pillar

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