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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Great Court Restaurant @ British Museum

When we planned a visit to British Museum on our recent trip to London, knowing fully well that a full day is a must for any museum visit, I planned our lunch to be on same venue. It was a delight to find the Great Court restaurant serving full course and not just a simple canteen/café.

Made the online reservation as not knowing whether it would be full for lunch, turned out, it was not a full house; yet numbers of patrons occupied half part of the restaurant.
Décor is simple in neutral tone; the natural light coming through the magnificent ceiling though not right under it, still gives that airy feel to the whole area.

Service was quite alright, attentive in asking our drink and order, very accommodating when asked for a change of table. There were one or two times when we couldn’t get their attention as they were standing at far end but it was still acceptable.
Food selection was quite good, not very elaborate and not too concise too, just good for this scale of restaurant. Food served quite promptly and it was fresh and decent.

Due to temptation of ground floor café, we had indulged its carrot cake and tea before lunch, resulting in just main courses to order at the restaurant.

Beside the open concept cafés available on the ground floor, I would highly suggest to try Great Court restaurant in you plan on having lunch during your museum visit.  
The magnificent rooftop of British Museum 
A bit of Victorian style dinnerware 
Orange Juice with Ginger and Herbal Extract..Still taste the Orange Juice 
Part of the magnificent rooftop near our table 
Drinks Prep area 
Overall look of the dining area. A very good idea of having magazine and newspaper holder railing
The entrance 
Ordered main course of Sirloin Steak, French Fries, Peppercorn and Paprika Butter
This butter combo was really good 
 Iberico pork, grilled courgette tomato, watercress & smoked almonds
 Fresh and beautifully presented 

The Great Court Restaurant
British Museum, Great Russell Street, WC1B 3DG
Tel : +44 (0)20 7323 8990

Opening times
Lunch : Daily between 11.30–15.00
Afternoon tea : Daily between 15.00–17.30
Dinner : Fridays between 17.30–20.30

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