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Friday, January 17, 2014

DO NOT DINE at JAAN @ Swissotel Stamford Hotel

We found with a great disappointment that we were not going to taste Chef Julien's French cooking due to their poor service. This was not even a dining service but with their reservation service which left a negative impression and made us reluctant to reserve a table.

They mentioned their reservation window was not opened yet, they took your detail and put you in 'their list' yet they didn't been in touch with you and once you ask them again, they told you that you were in Queue again for a table??

It is so apparent that even manager level at Swissotel is not well trained to handle this situation and made matter worse by saying that they 'actually' took a reservation if you are willing to reserve it by making advanced payment. ???

If you do that, please make it a fair and open condition, don't do it when we brought up that at Le Jules Verne, Eiffel Tower with limited table openly did that.

It sounded as if they do accept bribe to secure a table?

This is supposedly a fine dining restaurant but seeing how lack of honesty for patrons that are willing to come and visit the restaurants were a horrific service to any restaurant and albeit a proclaimed fine dining with minimum of S$300/pax

Please do not spend your time making reservation and then proceed in saying goodbye to that kind of spending at JAAN, it is best to visit other fine dining restaurants which has trained its staff well.

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