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Friday, December 6, 2013

Au Chocolat Bistro @ MBS

Au Chocolat, the name of this establishment is so intriguing and as majority are chocolate lovers, it seems as a no fail formula. But as we know, one factor doesn't count as a good and successful F&B establishment.

As namesake, there is supposedly hint of chocolate taste on every dish which I did have it on my steak but it didn't apply to its fries.

The food was average and acceptable as some sort of French Fusion but it is not something that will give you thumbs-up kinda feeling when you are having it.

What annoyed me was their service standard. First, they did have sufficient staff on that day, during busy hour of dinner time; however most of them huddled around the serving counter, didn't pay attention to patron direction, didn't stand in on their stations resulting in difficulty to catch their attention by most of patrons.

Second, I changed my order around 2 mins after she left, from pasta to steak and I said if it possible to change it to steak, I wish to cancel my side order of French fries as the steak came with it. She replied that she was able to change the pasta to steak but not able to cancel the fries. I accepted it, thinking fries would come first therefore it wasn't possible to cancel it. What did you know, my medium well steak came first and waited another 10 mins for the truffle fries. I even asked 2 times for it and wanted to cancel it but they said it was on the way. How on earth did frying fries which didn't look like hand-cut and prep on the spot ruled out medium well steak cooking and a duck confit? Apparently, the staff who said not possible to cancel the fries, didn't know how long and how the fries were done or tried to minimize less order by patrons? At least, that was the bad impression I got.

Considering more restaurants are opening up in MBS, I would highly recommend to try others and even the food court on same side of Au Chocolat tasted better than this average French fusion.

As it costs almost the same with Moluccas but stark contrast on the food and service standard, I would encourage you to go for Moluccas instead.

Au Chocolat impressed me as being pretentious and thought too highly of their establishment.
The Menu with extensive selection
The ceiling with Choo-Choo Train Track go around it..
I think they are trying to give whimsical ambience here
I believe this cutie is their mascot as they do sale plush toy too
Heart-shaped metal chair
View from the table

Duck Confit
Pan-roasted duck thigh served with mashed potato, white wine poached pear and with tangy chocolate orange sauce
It was okay but not fantastic

Steak Frites
Angus beef ribeye steak
I would say this was au jus sauce mixed with chocolate as there was no description on the sauce in the menu
Even though I chose medium well but the steak was cooked too hard to chew
Last one to arrive, the truffle fries which just average too

Au Chocolat Bistro
Bay Level L1-03
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956 

Tel: (+65) 6688 7227
Opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm

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