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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jones the Grocer @ ION

Jones the Grocer, the pioneer of store cafĂ© in local market from Australia, has been a success in local market with 3 outlets around the island up till date.

Somehow, I never been keen to try their Mandarin Gallery, perhaps the snobbish attitude of the staff from the moment you stepped in to queue was the major putting-off factor.
Really, I tried few times to saunter in but again and again, the staff never been friendly and courteous in welcoming you in.

So, here I was at ION Orchard, wondering what to have for my lone lunch meal and saw the latest outlet opened on 4th floor, there and then, decided to try it.

It was lunch time but there was no queue and few tables were available though from outside, it looked quite busy.
Staff here were much better compared to Mandarin, they were at least friendlier with a smile. But, the lack of staff training started to show once I placed my order, she asked whether I'd like cold/warm water and I asked for warm water.

Waited for the water but no sign of anyone approaching me. My drink came around 10 mins and I asked for the warm water to the serving staff, who was different staff. He noted but then I saw he was busy clearing other tables and started delivering other orders. Then my pasta came, I forgot to ask my glass of water from this 3rd different staff. In the end, I called up the 1st staff, she suddenly recalled and slightly embarrassed but quickly filled my glass.

Preferred the drink than the pasta which was presented nicely but sadly, lack on taste. Thought of trying the cakes which I recalled was on popular page when the 1st outlet opened.

The clearing plate staff were the 2nd staff, a young guy, so I asked (instead of my usual habit of walking over to cake counter display), what were the popular cake they offered. He mentioned they got variety but Lemon cake was one of it, I instantly perked up hearing about Lemon. I clearly asked whether it was a big slice of cake; but he said, No, should be enough for 1 person consumption. Okay then, I asked for one.

5 minutes past and another staff came over but brought me Lemon Meringue Tart (?)... Wait a minute, I thought I clearly asked about Cake and he answered me about Slice of Cake but not Lemon Tart (?)

Lazy to ask another, I just settled in and it was pretty good though the pastry was quite hard.

I got the feeling, Jones the Grocer, relied to much on its name but lack the attention in training their staff. It was so apparent from lack of warmth, attention to order and inconsistency.

It just a so-so establishment and some may don't care for the service standard shown here but in my opinion, with dishes that just average and disappointing service, it just not value for money at all.

From entrance
The menu
View to the main entrance, opposite Crate & Barrel
I do like their ceiling lighting, it just so 'Scandi' style; sleek, modern yet simple
Simple yet modern looking furnitures
The Bar counter and prepping area
The groceries corner / wall
Some of the groceries on sale
Orange Earl Grey Ice Tea
It was refreshing indeed, you tasted both the orange and earl grey flavour
It was something new and I liked it
Angel Hair Pasta with Blue Swimmer Crab, Chilli, Rocket, Garlic & Grana Padana
 It beautifully presented and all the ingredients were fresh but it lack of taste; something amiss but I couldn't pin point what was missing. A pity, though
Lemon Tart
It was bigger than normal tart that I encountered and the pastry was too hard
Jones the Grocer
ION Orchard 2 Orchard Turn #04-14 
Singapore, 238801
Tel: +65 6884 5597

Opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm

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