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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Triple Three @ Mandarin Orchard Hotel

We were at Triple Three for this year CNY dinner and I was a bit surprised to find the buffet offering was different from others, especially the steak counter.

Recently, I heard the head chef changed so when we went there, I was hoping there were total revamp of the buffet; but it was not much different, even the steak counter was removed.

What was different was the grill section, replacing the steak counter was a cook-on-the-spot cubes of beef wagyu, stir-fry bean sprout, ready for you to spoon out. Something new also the baked gindara fillet and few others; but the star was the Mentaiko Lobster which clearly the fave.

Still loving the Japanese counter next to it, the tempura and cold cha-soba for your taking.

What I disliked the most, was the new Drunken Prawn section, I always think it is such a cruel way of cooking live prawns. 

The rest of the section was still similar to previous, the Chilled Seafood, Sushi, Indian, Roast, Dessert...

As it was still during Mooncakes festival, the dessert section also served the hotel mooncakes for your taking.

I felt the cakes on dessert section relied to much on chocolate cakes in various types.

Service was okay, I think they were overwhelmed once the crowd was starting pouring in.

A bit confusing on their counter arrangement, I expected the sushi counter to be next to tempura but it's on next lane.

Tables next to window was dimmer as there was no direct lighting above it.

For the price they are charging, it definitely being peg on upmarket hotel buffet but somehow I felt it is not really a buffet I am keen to return...

The fave section

The wet tissue which expanded when poured with water

A new menu, I found the food tag on display was similar to local restaurant and not classy as what hotel should display

The Indian section

Dessert section

Ice Cream section

The mooncakes

Salmon sashimi and california rolls

My tempura with cold cha-soba

Baked gindara with long beans and kani croquette

The seafood 

The black pepper crayfish

The wagyu beef

The cubes wagyu beef, bean sprouts and prawns

The Mentaiko Lobster

The made on the spot orange crepe

Some chocolate desserts

Green Tea ice cream

Triple Three
Mandarin Orchard Singapore
Level 5
333 Orchard Road
S 238867

Dining Reservations: +65 6831 6288/71

Operating Hours
Breakfast: 6.30am – 10.00am
Lunch: 12.00pm – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.00pm

Sunday International Lunch   
12.00pm - 3.00pm

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