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Monday, July 9, 2012

Dean & Deluca

Turned out the hype was so high on Dean & Deluca Singapore; I underestimated its anticipation indeed when I thought I would managed a seat on its first opening day to public. The seats were limited but the patrons seemed kept streaming in, some bought some pastries and some patrons just ‘hanging out leisurely’ on its seat. In the end, we only managed to look through the store section, its array of herbs really amazed me, in the end I bought the Asian Herbs and collection of teas (some compensation on my failed attempt to taste the food)
Came back a couple of weeks later and even before lunch time, the queue was long but at least this time, we didn’t see ‘hanging out leisurely patrons’ on the dining area, Dean & Deluca even expanded their seating areas to outside of its cafĂ© section, I did hope I got the table on its proper dining area, and luckily we did!

Saw so many tempting pastries which looked good but I already aimed trying their menu. Read that the French brioche was the recommended one, but as always, I would went with their American breakfast.

The French brioche with its caramelized banana and a scoop of vanilla ice cream sprinkled by berries was certainly up to its hype; but its portion was a bit too much for 1 person since we are talking about caramelized item here, it’s probably best to be shared by two. As for the All American breakfast took about 15 mins preparation time but it was worth the wait, it came with whole meal bread which I must commended but somehow for the mashed potatoes, it wasn’t too much of my liking.

What you must try is their Milkshakes! It has Add-On on top of the mixed options; I tried on Biscuit as our add-on and it gave the milkshakes refreshingly crunchy taste.

Service was prompt and friendly, but due to such a busy day, I felt a bit overwhelming for anyone who work there but still a great service.

Even though it is located inside Orchard Central  mall but with its high ceilings,  it gave a different vibe, as if you were not inside a mall but a stand-alone outlet itself in a casual and relax atmosphere. 

Definitely a point for me by its location, convenient and easy to reach...

Will come back next time for their pastries and drink..hopefully, the crowd has subsided by then...

Finally, at Dean & Deluca
View while queuing

The pastries counter...really looked fresh and yummy
In case you wanted to know time in NYC or Tokyo while having your meal 
Full house on Saturday morning
View to the shop from main dining area
My fave drink of the day, definitely will order again next time..
The Strawberry and Banana with Add-On of Biscuit and Choco Chip with Add-On Biscuit too
French Brioche with caramelized bananas and a scoop of ice cream vanilla and berries
My All American Brekkie, somehow, the mashed potatoes were not to my liking

Dean & Deluca
04-23/24, Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road 
Singapore 238896
Tel: +65-65097709

Opens daily from 11  am to 10 pm

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