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Monday, October 24, 2011

Cafe Bibliotic Hello!

Found out about this cafe from TimeOut Kyoto; and since it's also in vicinity from Kyoto Imperial Place after watching the Jidai Matsuri processing, I thought it was a good place to try where the localites eating.

The building was a revamp from 100 years old machiya, turned it into a cafe and branching out to bakery next door with some decorative items for sale.

It was so low profile and I bet only locals that familiar with this cafe, definitely not a touristy spot.

Such an eclectic decor, with mismatched furnitures but still complimenting the overal colour scheme, books on displayed on the book shelves on left wall with long table in front of it, there also an open patio on the back where a cool looking guy reading his book, a staircase to 2nd floor dining area; it was all casual eclectic but smart atmosphere...

Patrons are mostly in their 20s-30s and from the looks of it, either working adult or university students.

However, I totally forgot that they only accept CASH and no Credit Card, this is definitely the first encounter of no card acceptance as we used to card payment convenience all over Japan.

Food were good and service was prompt, mostly the waiting staff are young adults, and not English fluent.

If we visit Kyoto again, I will make time to return to this cafe...a great independent cafe with cozy atmosphere...

View from entrance

The group of friends on the long table

Kitchen area under the platform

2nd floor dining area, a small area but looks cozy and mostly for couple seating

The shop area and bakery; they also put a table for seating too, such a casual setting...Another door entrance to enter this area

Blackboard with handwritten special menu on the wall behind our seat

Small wooden folder

Really eclectic down to its menu; all handwritten with some notes punched and inserted in between

Such a serene reading spot

View to drink and kitchen area

View to entrance, next to a group of 4 young pretty ladies; they were a bit surprised to find foreigners next to them...ha..ha...

Nice clean simple design reminded me of Scandinavian design..

My Avocado juice

My seafood pasta with tomato based, fresh and delicious

The Salmon Fried yummy

My cheese cake...soft and oishii.....

Cafe Bibliotic Hello!
Nijo-dori Yanaginobana, Higashi-iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8172
Tel: +81-75-2318625

Opens Tue to Sun from 11.30 am to 11 pm
Cash Only!

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